Ceiling, Fan, 3 blade, 52, opal matte, airflow, wall speed, remote control, receiver, title 24, black, blk, charcoal, brushed steel, graphite, timber, oil rubbed bronze, aged oak, satin white, white, polished nickel, light gray


52" 3 Blade Ceiling Fan in 6 Finishes.

Clear Glass,Bell Shade,Pendant- MB


Clear Glass Bell Shade Pendant

LLF20004-BSN-MB, LLF20004, F20004, Bowl, Pendant, Opal, Glass, Bright satin Nickel, 120V, Medium Base, MB


16" Bowl Pendant with Opal Glass Shade MB

LLF18011, LLF18012, LLF18013, LLF18014, F18011, F18012, F18013, F18014, LLF18011-PBR-MB, LLF18011-BSN-MB, LLF18012-PBR-MB, LLF18012-BSN-MB, LLF18013-PBR-MB, LLF18013-BSN-MB, LLF18014-PBR-MB, LLF18014-BSN-MB, Vanity, Opal, Etched, Glass, Provincial Bronze, Bright Satin Nickel, 120V, Medium Base, Medium

LLF1801X-MB Series

Vanity with Opal Etched Glass Shade. Available in 2 Finishes. 1 to 4 Lights- MB

LL2483-SN-MB, LL2485-SN-MB, F2483, F2485, LL2483, LL2485, Chandelier, Opal, Glass, 120V, Medium Base, Medium, Base


Chandelier with Opal Glass Shade. Available in 3 or 5 Lights- MB

LLF3592-BLK-MB, LLF3592, F3592, Glass, Dome, Pendant Black, Accents, Clear, Decorative, Slope, Ceiling, Medium Base, MB


Clear Glass Pendant with Black Accents-MB

LLF3711-BLK-MB, LLF3711, F3711, Glass, Dome, Pendant Black, Accents, Clear, Decorative, Slope, Ceiling, Medium Base, MB


Glass Dome Pendant with Black Accents- MB

LLF4514-BLK-MB, LLF4514-BSN-MB, LLF4514-MB, F4514, Metal, Pendant, Black, Bright Satin Nickel, Medium Base, MB,


Metal Pendant in 2 Finishes- MB

LLF19020-PBR-MB, LLF19020-BSN-MB, LLF19020-MB, F19020, Mini, Pendant, Provincial, Bronze, Bright Satin Nickel, MB, Medium Base, Opal, Glass, Slope Ceiling, 60W


Mini Pendant Available in 2 Finishes MB

LLF19031-PBR-MB, LLF19031-BSN-MB, LLF19032-PBR-MB, LLF19032-BSN-MB, LLF19033-PBR-MB, LLF19033-BSN-MB, LLF19034-PBR-MB, LLF19034-BSN-MB, F19031, F19032, F19033, F19034,  LLF19031, LLF19032, LLF19033, LLF19034,120V,  Vanity, Opal, Medium, Medium Base, Base

LLF1903X-MB Series

Vanity with Opal Glass Shade. Available in 2 Finishes.1 to 4 Lights- MB

LLF27011-CG-MB, LLF27012-CG-MB, LLF27013-CG-MB, LLF27014-CG-MB, F27011, F27012, F27013, F27014, Elegant, Glass, Bell, Champagne, Gold, MB, Medium Base, 120V,Black,BLK

LLF2701X-CG-MB Series

Vanity with Glass Bell Shade. Available in 1 to 4 Lights MB

LLCF835, CF835, ceiling fan, fan, indoor, reversible, LED, Downrod,
Airflow, energy star, title 24


52" Ceiling Fan with reversible blades in 4 Finishes